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Solutions for Small & Medium Enterprises

As a leading general insurance provider in Singapore, you can count us to help your business rebound quickly should the unexpected happen.

We offer a broad suite of product capabilities for micro- to medium-sized businesses. Click on the boxes below to find out more.

SME Package Insurance

Our SME Package insurance ensures a comprehensive, multi-line solution that provides cover for all the essential areas that SMEs need to protect – business operations and assets, liability exposures, and employees.

From simple packaged products with essential coverage for micro and small businesses to broader coverage for medium-sized enterprises under a separate standalone policy, we have a solution for every need.

General Liability Insurance

Our general liability insurance covers businesses of all sizes across all industries. Our solutions offer protection for your activities on and off premises, as well as liability arising from products that your company sells. 

We are also committed to keeping your employees safe with our comprehensive work injury compensation (WIC) policies which provide coverage beyond the statutory requirements. Our WIC products protect businesses from a wide range of industries – from restaurants to shipyard workers. 

Management Liability Insurance

Our management liability solutions offer a broad array of coverage for SMEs. Our solutions include liability insurance for directors and officers of SMEs of all sizes, protecting your company’s decision makers and board members so they can run the business with peace of mind.

We also offer cyber insurance that protects your business from third party liability arising from data protection breaches, the management of personal data, and the consequences of losing corporate information.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Our Marine insurance solutions are designed to help mitigate your exposure to financial loss when goods and equipment are in transit. 

With fully customisable solutions and our extensive international network, you can trust us to provide the best possible protection for your business assets, supply chains, and company reputation.

Group Personal Accident and Business Travel Insurance

Our Group Personal Accident and Business Travel insurance solution, Corporate Edge, is specifically developed to address the protection needs of SMEs. With affordable premiums and hassle-free policy inception and administration, Corporate Edge provides comprehensive and relevant Group Personal Accident and Group Business Travel insurance coverage for you and your employees.

Our Group Personal Accident insurance extends to cover infectious diseases and protects your employees who work from home. Our Group Business Travel insurance solution provides enhanced add-on benefits that extends to cover pre-existing medical conditions and Specified Infectious Diseases including COVID-19. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Our Commercial AutoPlus insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage for your commercial vehicle that goes beyond just repairs in the event of accidents. We offer market-leading benefits that provide cost and time savings for your business, including the use of a courtesy commercial vehicle of up to 1.5 tonnage for up to 10 days during the repair period certified by our authorised surveyor.

Our authorised workshops are not only conveniently located throughout Singapore, they also provide a six-month guarantee on accident repairs so you can be assured of the quality of work. 

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